Networking has always been the prime focus of any scientific event and conference. Its benefits are multitude, for example, higher attendance, growing goodwill amongst delegates and a chance to reach your audience directly.

Magnus Group also has a lot of collaborations located around the world, who pool together their knowledge and know-how to deliver a better user experience. You can easily control your event between different countries/continents through our representatives in these locations.

Why Collaborate With Us?

Magnus has partnered with professional societies, global companies, research organisations and many more. This gives a global advantage for efficient marketing and promotion of your organization by meeting collaborators from different countries. As a centre for learning and collaborations, Magnus can bring your brand to the forefront of an event that is relevant to you. Some benefits of collaborations are:-

  1. Network and direct access with the right target audience
  2. Brand awareness and brand visibility
  3. Opportunities for new clients and business partners
  4. Instant feedback on new technologies, services or products
  5. Gain industry insight and evaluate market trends to generate new business opportunities

Our current collaborators have enabled us to reach greater heights of service excellence and industry knowledge.

  • Anton Paar
  • Asmait
  • Association of Radiation Oncologists of India
  • Bio-Logic Science Instruments
  • Boob Buddies
  • Jumeirah Medicals
  • LORA
  • Medex
  • Micro Mertics
  • Operation Smile
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network
  • Proceedings
  • Pulp Dent
  • Remar Review
  • Strem Chemicals
  • WeberMedical
  • Wellsong Energetics
  • Wise Press
  • Wisepress
  • Shenzhen Sciencare Medical Industries Co Ltd
  • Chemisys Laboratory
  • Castle Biosciences
  • Idgenetix
  • US WorldMeds
  • Myovant Science
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • Strategic Tax Planning i
  • Clinical Consulting

Our Collaborators