Propose a New Conference

Magnus Group promotes open discussions and free exchange of ideas at the research frontiers mainly focusing on science field. Intense discussions and examination based on professional interests will be an added advantage for the scientists and helps them learn most advance aspects of their field. The Conferences have a long record of fortifying propelled research in modern labs, universities and colleges, research and government labs.

We invite proposals for new conferences in emerging areas that will benefit scientists and reach our organizational objective to maintain discussions at the frontiers of knowledge. Proposed conference must be in fundamental research and technology and at a state of development that places it at very frontiers of science field.

Any qualified scientist may initiate a conference proposal. All the proposals are submitted in written format to Magnus Conferences Program Manager, who take care of review process and submit it to Evaluation Committee. The result of the proposal will be informed in less than 1 month, when the conference is approved, the proposed conference chair is responsible for subject matters, speakers and other participants as well as conducting and development of conference

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